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Love Letters

Sep 22, 2020

Welcome to the Love Letters Podcast! This is where my friends and I come and read the love letters of our lives to show how God’s love changes how we love. There is a huge gap between people who know and love God and those who don't but maybe want to learn more about Him. Here on Love Letters, we turn that gap into overlap. And we think God’s love is the perfect place to start the conversation, especially now. So whether you’ve been a Christian your whole life or you’ve never met a Christian you like in your whole life: you belong here.


This summer, my guests and I decided we wanted to inject God’s love into the world so we spent week after week talking about our own realizations and explorations of God’s love at work in our lives. We wanted to do more than talk about the love we feel, we wanted to talk about how to walk love out in our lives. Because God’s definition of true love is not a feeling, it is an action, a verb. 


So each week, my brave friends came on and shared the love letters of their lives. And every episode first tells a story of a life transformed by God’s love and also displays how each person became an agent of His love. 


If you are just stopping by to check this out and see who this God is and if He has a place in your life, we are completely honored to have you listen in today. We are all really, truly grateful you’re here and we ask you to please be our guest and consider this episode a giant sampler platter at a restaurant you’ve never been to before—little bites of all these things you might never have tried. 


And if you are one of our incredible listeners, we are again and completely honored to have you listen in today too. I cannot tell you the loud cheers raised and the grateful tears shed at the encouraging words you sent to my guests and me. Thank you for subscribing so my friends’ stories are raised up higher and are able to reach more and more people! Thank you for writing a review so anyone who’s swinging by can take a quick glance and see what we’re all about here! And thank you for sitting with us and listening and learning along with us. It has been an undeserved gift to connect with y’all in such a meaningful way while we are all so physically isolated because of COVID-19. 


If this is your first time to listen or you’ve been here from the beginning, either way, we hope that every time you come here, it’s like hopping in the car and heading out on a road trip with someone new, or sitting next to someone on a flight you only just met. And by the time you reach your destination, but before you grab your luggage from the overhead compartment or stop the car to get out, you realize you’ve made a friend. Now, they are someone you understand more and respect more because you listened to and considered their story. 


As the temperatures drop and summer comes to an end, we cannot end the first season of the podcast without a celebration of all God has done through our friends’ lives and throughout the past few months as we fought technology and learning curves and real live nerves to capture these stories and contain and preserve them here for you. Join us today as we take a wide sweep over the first season and look back at how we are figuring out how to fulfill the two greatest commandments He has given to us: to love God and to love others as ourselves.


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